Are you secure enough?

There was a time when a firewall, basic patch updates, and a good antivirus program on your company computers could keep you safe from cyberthreats.

That time has passed. While those items remain important, the bar has been raised and they no longer cover enough to prevent cyberthreats.

Today’s advanced threats target companies―both large and small―at every strata of their IT environment. Even startups and small businesses are not immune.

In fact, a 2020 Verizon report demonstrated that 28% of companies breached in that year were in the “small business” category.

So, what do you do? Partner with us. We’ll provide you with a layered cybersecurity strategy that will put you in the best position to ward off cyberattacks.

What is Layered Security?

We help protect your business by setting up concentric rings of defense at different levels of your IT environment to improve the security of your IT assets and data.

  • Internet protection 
  • Network protection 
  • People protection (employee cybersecurity training) 
  • Application protection 
  • Device protection 

Don’t wait until you experience an attack to get serious about cybersecurity. We can tailor a cost-effective IT security solution designed to give you strong protection and peace of mind.

Don’t forget to ask us about out full penetration testing services.

Protecting your data, your processes, and your investment

2020 was a year of massive change. Companies across the globe took a new approach, including moving more to the cloud and using virtual workflows for the first time.

This work-from-anywhere trend came with a price—additional cybersecurity risk.
Cybercriminals raked in more than one trillion dollars globally in 2020, targeting businesses big and small.

28% of the businesses successfully targeted by cybercrime in 2020 were in the “small business” category.

Bottom line—your business is a potential target

Keep your business running at full speed—let us handle the cybersecurity

Working with our full team of IT security professionals gives you the peace of mind to tackle the next phase of your organizational development, landing new deals and expanding into new markets.

Our team helps you move forward by taking on the time-consuming tasks of cybersecurity management.

Each of our cybersecurity management agreements are cost-effective and tailored to the level of protection you need today and to grow tomorrow.

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